Use OCTA to…

( Ok, maybe the last one was a fib. )

We help recruiters automatically qualify candidates, make placements quicker than ever before & create memorable jobseeker journeys.

OCTA automation software

We’ve helped out…

Automated voice recordings.

Thanks to OCTA, you’re now able to record gripping & engaging job pitches in less than 60 seconds and deploy them to 10s, 100s or 1000s of candidates with the opportunity to call you back at the tap of a key.

OCTA automation software
OCTA automation software

Custom text messages.

Combine your audio recordings with a follow up text or just run it alone. 

This allows you to keep your candidates posted on job offerings with the opportunity for them to give you a call if they like what they see.

Forget spending hours qualifying candidates. Let OCTA do it for you.

Simple, feature rich & cheap as chips.

It’s as easy as…

Step 1 - Record & write

Record & write your job pitch. Make it as appealing as you possibly can and add your own branding spin to make your proposal truly stand out.

Step 2 - Upload your hotlist

Upload your list of candidates via CSV - job board responses, database search or even direct applicants. Whatever suits you best.

Step 3 - Hit run!

All of your candidates will be sent your recording / written SMS within seconds, they can then instantly call back at the tap of a key!

OCTA automation software

Untapped possibility.

We can create awesome jobseeker experiences for you that create efficiency and generate key data points for your business.

Everything from driving people down the funnel from application to onboarding.

4D Projects also spider out into everything people related from work force management and ED&I to employee surveys and beyond.

If they apply, they
deserve a reply.

We strongly believe that getting back to each candidate is absolutely vital for protecting your employer brand.

We’ve also created a FREE PDF detailing over ways you can make your candidates go that extra mile just for you.

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    OCTA automation software