OCTA helps make more money, save time & reduce stress.

OCTA helps recruiters, restaurants, care homes, caterers, gym owners, electricians, plumbers, pizza places, enterprises make more money, save time & reduce stress.

Send smart & automated phone calls, texts and multimedia to the people that matter most to your business.

Bait attention...

Use OCTA to contact everyone that matters to your business and make sure they know what you have to say.

Make the catch...

Use OCTA and instantly connect to the big fish, the small fry and even the tiddlers, never miss a customer again.

Keep them hooked!

Use OCTA to communicate brilliantly when and how it matters the most, make more of everything you catch!

How does OCTA work?

Automated voice recordings.

OCTA enables you to pre-record gripping and engaging audio messages in less than 60 seconds that you can then send out to 1000s of contacts before your kettles boiled.

So grab your microphone, practise your radio voice and get ready to stand out. Nobody does it like OCTA.

Custom text messages.

Combine your audio recordings with a follow up text or just run it alone. 

Whether you’re pushing out promotions, reaching out to customers or candidates or just simply saying a quick hello to everyone you know…

Let OCTA do it for you.

Supercharge your comms with ease.

Don’t let your communication with your audience become a drop in the ocean. Get started with OCTA today.

Create dynamic user journeys.

“Such a great piece of kit…

…With their products, we successfully landed the biggest talent and employer branding initiative ever in the history of the company.”

Marie Helson

Head of People, HelloFresh.

Unlimited use cases.

Our little OCTA wears many hats.

Whether you’re a logistics company or an ice-cream van, OCTA can fill any communication gap to help drive revenue. It’s something we’re mega proud of.

If you’d like us to think of some crafty ways OCTA would work for you then hit the button below.

We’ll do all the thinking for you. We love your customers just as much as you do.