Use OCTA to…

(Ok, maybe the last one was a little enthusiastic…)

Use OCTA to drastically reduce no shows, push out promotions and offers and to help put time consuming tasks on autopilot.

OCTA automation software
OCTA automation software

Automated voice recordings.

OCTA enables you to pre-record gripping and engaging audio messages in less than 60 seconds that you can then send out to 1000s of contacts before your kettles boiled.

Kill no shows with a pre recorded audio message to all of your customers confirming that they’re still attending.

Offer deals, promotions and even discounts to keep them coming over and over again.

OCTA automation software
OCTA automation software

Custom text messages.

Combine your audio recordings with a follow up text or just run it alone. 

Drop your attendants a quick thank you for coming out or remind them that you’ve still got bookings available to bring customers in.

Or even give compliments from the chef. Your diners will love it.

Simple, feature rich & cheap as chips.

Hold the puns, please.

Step 1 - Record & write

Record & write your promotion, deal or question. Ask your bookings if they're still coming and tempt them with discounts or deals. Easy as pie.

Step 2 - Upload your hotlist

Upload your list of customers. This could be bookings, reservations or a general database of opt-ins for promotions, deals etc.

Step 3 - Hit run!

Bash run and all of the contacts you chose to reach out to will receive a call or text or even both.

We'll take the bill.

Give us a go and see what difference we make to the way you interact with your customers.

We’ll even walk you through how to use the platform so you’re familiar with OCTA before you even use it.

If we’re not a good fit? We won’t be offended.

OCTA automation software