Forget email campaigns & cold calling...

Sick of dialling for hours on end and slogging away over an email marketing platform only to feel like you’re annoying all the potential customers you’re trying to win over?

With OCTA, simply upload your prospects into our easy to use platform and deploy intelligent audio calls and personalised SMS messages within seconds to tens, hundreds or thousands of potential leads!

OCTA automation software

So how does it work?

Step 1 - Upload your leads via CSV.

Upload your prospects, leads or customers into OCTA in a few simple clicks.

Step 2 - Choose what you want your call and text to say!

We make it simple to do on our easy to use dashboard.

Step 3 - Click run!

Any leads that are interested will be given the opportunity to connect with you right there and then by tapping a key.

A quick virtual tour.

92% better engagement than email channels.

Let's face it, emails get left in junk folders, unopened and ignored.

Make your message hard to ignore using in-your-face communication methods such as SMS which has a proven engagement rate of 92%.

Want to know more?

No matter how unique or niche your target market, we can help you generate on-demand leads.

Our success team will guide you through the process. Click the button below for a free no obligation demo.

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