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Use OCTA to…

(We’re joking about the last point, of course…)

Use OCTA to deliver personalised voice & SMS content, engaging your staff and customers 72% better than traditional communication channels.

OCTA automation software
OCTA automation software

Full e-Commerce

We can build full order solutions, from online menus to checkout systems that integrate with a payment gateway of your choice and then have that order passed through to the restaurant for delivery, removing the need for large food delivery aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato.

We can also securely store user data for remarketing purposes as well as making it more convenient for your users to check out every time they decide to purchase products.

We provide full stack solutions.

So you can break free from the chains of delivery aggregators. Here’s what we provide.

Full e-Commerce Mobile Site

Record & write your promotion, deal or question. Ask your bookings if they're still coming and tempt them with discounts or deals.

Payment Gateway Integration

Upload your list of customers. This could be bookings, reservations or a general database of opt-ins for promotions, deals etc.

POS Integration

We'll pass through any orders placed on the site as displayed above to your POS system so you can handle the delivery efficiently.

Effortless checkout.

Allow customers to register, login and checkout securely using technology such as Apple & Google Pay, keeping their payment information secure & safe and capturing more sales & revenue than ever before.

Make it hassle free too. Allow customers to save delivery addresses and quickly dispatch orders to those chosen addresses.

Easy remarketing.

All numbers that are stored with us when customers succesfully purchase a product can be kept on file to remarket to with their permission via SMS and interactive phone call.

You could even offer promotions, discounts or special offers to those same customers, giving them opportunity to purchase from you time and time again.

It’s as easy as that!

It's never been easier.

At the point of sale, we’ll securely deliver your customer’s order across to the restaurant closest to the customer so the delivery can be executed.

We’ve got a fantastic tech team and endless capabilities as to what we can achieve with Krispy Kreme and we’d love to show you what we’re capable of.