OCTA Enterprise

OCTA Enterprise

Human engagement, delivered digitally.

Simplify, optimise and accelerate your digital transformation with a rapidly deployed and bespoke communications platform.

OCTA Enterprise enables you to maximise the connection between your business and your customers.

OCTA automation software

What is OCTA Enterprise?

OCTA Enterprise is a cloud-based, omnichannel messaging platform that instantly empowers your organisation to contact, connect and communicate with your customers and the people that matter most to your business in a better and more engaging way.

Our Enterprise solution means that through a single interface you can reach customers and workforce instantly through a blend of mobile channels of your and their choice.

We can quickly complement and integrate into any tech stack being used, meaning you can get maximum value from your existing investment and instantly achieve the following:

Flexible & fair.

As you would expect, we have a world class customer success and support team – but you might not expect to hear our customer teams are not driven by commission on upsells but singularly on your satisfaction and success.

OCTA Enterprise is modular based and our plug and play approach means you can flex and scale the platform to suit your requirements, regardless of where your business is today on the journey to digital transformation.

In short, the platform can be customised to fit your budget, unique requirements, capabilities, CX needs and overall engagement strategy.

So why choose OCTA Enterprise?

Here’s a few reasons.

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A workforce management solution around shift confirmations for a Global Life sciences solution provider realised an unprecedented 91% activation.
0 M
Drove $1.2 million in revenue attributed to the creation of a whole new recurring revenue stream through the monetisation of unsuccessful job seekers for a leading FMCG brand.
$ 0 M
Reduced operating costs through digitally automating customer and people management by $350k per territory for an online global brand.


When we are on boarding our service with you, our enterprise team will build a custom SLA that sets out minimum levels of support that you can enjoy from the team.

Additionally, as a minimum we would review this with you quarterly to ensure that the support remains “fit for purpose” at all times.


OCTA is happy to work within any specific regulatory frameworks that your business adheres to.

We will gladly invest to ensure full compliance to any requirements that are unique to your industry should that be relevant and required.


Typically we operate under one central contract that applies to any and all wholly owned subsidiaries.

Though if a business unit has any specific requirements that need to be applied these can be simply appended, when appropriate and agreed.


We are transparent and straightforward on our pricing.

This said we know things can quickly change and usage can spike up.

In this regard we often “true up” quarterly to ensure there is no interruption to service.

Give us a go.

Give us a go and see what difference we make to the way you interact with your contacts.

We’re fair, straightforward and we love your customers and employees just as much as you do.

We’ll even show you around so you’re familiar with OCTA before you even use it.

OCTA automation software