Reel them in with omnichannel engagement...

Whether you're a small Shopify store all the way up to enterprise level eCommerce solutions, OCTA will help you engage with your customers in a way that traditional marketing methods could never compete with.

Send personalised promotions to masses of customers within seconds with ease using our super easy-to-use communications platform.

OCTA automation software

What can OCTA do?

Using a blended combination of both audio calling and SMS marketing, OCTA lets you reach out to your customers with promotions, special discounts and offers in a personalised and engaging manner.

Imagine this, one of your favourite online stores sends you a limited time deal via SMS and a phone call follows urging you to take action. Pretty hard to ignore right?

Step 1 - Upload your leads via CSV.

Upload your prospects, leads or customers into OCTA in a few simple clicks.

Step 2 - Choose what you want your call and text to say!

We make it simple to do on our easy to use dashboard.

Step 3 - Click run!

Any leads that are interested will be given the opportunity to connect with you right there and then by tapping a key.

A quick virtual tour.

Want to know more?

No matter how unique or niche your target market, we can help you generate on-demand leads.

Our success team will guide you through the process. Click the button below for a free no obligation demo.

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