Cut out all the racquet...

Cut out all the raquet...

Use OCTA to…

(We’re joking about the last point, of course…)

Use OCTA to deliver personalised voice & SMS content, engaging your staff and customers 72% better than traditional communication channels.

OCTA automation software
OCTA automation software

Recovering debt is now a breeze.

We think that debt management should be a breeze, and now with OCTA, it is easier than ever.

Record your friendly payment reminder through the OCTA platform and deploy it automatically to customers who fail to make payments via a pre-recorded phone call.

You can also give your customers the opportunity to tap a key mid call to instantly connect to an agent who can assist them on the spot.

Simple, feature rich & lightens the load.

In 3 simple steps, easily deploy powerful comms through our ready to use platform.

Step 1 - Record & write

Record & write your promotion, deal or question. Ask your bookings if they're still coming and tempt them with discounts or deals.

Step 2 - Upload your hotlist

Upload your list of customers. This could be bookings, reservations or a general database of opt-ins for promotions, deals etc.

Step 3 - Run!

Bash run and all of the contacts you chose to reach out to will receive a call or text or even both.

No more no shows. We mean it.

You’re a PT and you hate it when your clients don’t turn up or cancel, right?

With OCTA, you can schedule automated voice calls & SMS messages to run before your appointment to ensure that your client is going to turn up.

If somethings come up? No sweat. Allow them to easily rebook their appointment through text or by tapping a key to connect to you.

First impressions count.

When it comes to new customers, communication is key.

You can use OCTA to setup fantastic onboarding journeys to be deployed automatically whenever a customer signs up.

This could be a voice recording from a celebrity endorsement or even yourself giving your customer a warm welcome and thanking them for choosing you.

Deliver a fantastic customer experience first time round ensuring retention rates drop and giving clients value for every penny they spend with David Lloyds.

Let OCTA do the heavy lifting...

We get that juggling retentions, customer experience, debt management as well as onboarding and everything else can be pretty stressful.

Well, step back. Let OCTA take the next set and show you how it’s done.