Cold Calling is a thing of the 90s!

Okay, we'd like to get this straight.

(We like to exaggerate, but let us elaborate.)

– we’re not here to maul cold calling like a blood thirsty vampire.

In all due respect, we absolutely commend the sales guys who pick up their phone and call up people they don’t even know and try to change their life in a couple of calls.

At first, introduce themselves, then influencechange their perspective and make them buy something they didn’t know they needed a day ago – heck an hour ago if the sales guy is the top performer at work


In fact, some businesses can even swear by its potential to generate immense number of leads and sales.

Cold calling is a fantastic way to reach new customers, who can’t find a new product and don’t even know that it exists.

Also, it offers impeccable personal touch to customers who love attention and talking about their day.

Yet, this strategy can fail because of one significant reason – it’s cursed with the longer sales cycle.

Think about this...

Responsibilities vacillate between people, people move to different organizations and your lead generation executives probably couldn’t get their hands on the current details of that lead.

So, it might take a couple of calls before you reach the right person.

It doesn’t just end there.

You need to make endless calls and be prepared for the long haul – warm up the lead, build a rapport, get talking about the product and then create a sale. It doesn’t have to be so exhaustive.

Lastly, the most annoying part of this strategy is the annoyance it is to the person being called by the sales guys.

Have you ever felt like just smashing that irritatingly buzzing bug around you that just won’t quit buzzing?

The sales guy is the bug and the recipient is the smasher.

Don't get us wrong...

We’re not discrediting cold calling completely…

It just needs its edges pruned by blending it with the right kind of technology.

Technology like automation can enable cold calling by adding some level of sophistication in its process.

Cold calling can deliver its best performance when it makes use of automation.

Like I said before, the fact that cold calling unnecessarily extends the sales cycle is the one part that automation can resolve.

Introducing a little automation...

Now, you can use automation in any part of the funnel and push it to the next stage and streamline your cold calling efforts better.

So typically, cold calling starts with making an outbound call to the leads in the top funnel.

Instead, with automation, you can bulk import contacts and run a phone call to 1000s of people at once and get their response instantaneously depending on the size of your target list.

Imagine speaking only to people who qualify your requirements and weed out the ones who might have rejected your sales pitch.

Thus, saving loads of unproductive time.

Obviously, this comes with its own limitations.

Certain industries might need an actual person to make the initial outbound calls but indeed even then, there parts of communication that can be automated and make the whole customer experience of your brand seamless.

Our rhyme & reason...

The reason why we say ‘cold calling is dead’ is to make you look at the alternatives that can better your strategy with smarter technology.

This brings us to the part where we bring in our brand after all the information dissemination 😉

One Call to All (OCTA) is your best bet if you agree that your business needs an uplift and complement your cold calling efforts.

The vision of OCTA is to change the way businesses communicate with people and make it the default way.


The one way we’re achieving this vision is getting two things right: ensure accuracy and shorten the sales cycle thereby ensuring greater speed.

OCTA offers you a safe and secure way to bulk import your contacts, record your message and send your message or a brief sales pitch to all the contacts in your list within a minute.

Not just that, also get them to connect back with you instantly at the tap of a key and you both start talking.

So our thoughts?

Automation doesn’t just give you sales advantage but also operational advantage considering the number of resources you need in place to execute all the stages of funnel.

For example, imagine you are a company looking to explore a new market. OCTA can help you by automating your outreach to all your contacts in that market.

You start with the problem you’re looking to solve or any competitive advantage that can add value to people’s lives and then mention your contact details. Those interested connect with you just by tapping a button on their phone.

This is the part where the sales guy representing your brand comes into the picture and pitches the product only to those looking to know more or buy the product.

Aaaaand our conclusion...

Cold calling is probably the best thing that’s happened to sales guys before Jordan Belfort.

However, it’s magic is also fading out and even getting a bad name like Jordan Belfort.

So, in this day and age, cold calling can take advantage of useful technology like automation and convert leads faster (at least 5x) This can give the much needed motivation for sales guys to increase revenue for their organization just by cutting down the lengthened sales process and enjoy the benefits of variable pay if that thing really exists.


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