Bionical Solutions Automates Recruitment

Bicester, United Kingdom, March 10th 2021.

OCTA announced today its latest customer partnership with Bionical Solutions.  

Improving patient outcomes is key to Bionical Solutions as is their absolute commitment to have best in class nursing and healthcare professionals who deliver clinical services across primary, secondary and homecare settings.  

The recruitment of nursing and healthcare professionals is challenging at the best of times but One Call to All’s solution has meant that both cost and time to hire have been reduced massively. 

Importantly the automation the solution has provided has meant that the recruitment team have been able to also manage the Bionical Solutions employer brand better than ever.

“OCTA has enabled us to contact and engage with more candidates than ever before without losing that all important human touch.

The solution has allowed us to fill vacancies more efficiently and freed up more time for us to ensure that we make every experience matter for both candidates and hiring managers.” 

Chris O’Brien, Head of Recruitment at Bionical Solutions.

The Future

“The journey and candidate experience delivered is fully on brand and the feedback from Bionical Solutions has been great. It’s a job well done by the tech team at One Call to All, but one which will continue as we are now looking at exploring other areas where we can enable them through digital automation.”

“We love all our customers but the team at Bionical Solutions have been nothing short of outstanding to work with!”

Chris Smith, Director, OCTA

About Bionical

Bionical Solutions provides clinical, commercial and digital services to life sciences companies in the UK and US committed to improving patient outcomes.

About OCTA

OCTA is the leading digital automaton platform of choice for the recruitment industry, delivering a great experience for both recruiter and candidate from application to placement.

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