What 200+ recruiters had to say about their biggest candidate headaches.

Before you continue to read on...

Before you continue to read on, this survey post is not a typical report that bores you endlessly with statistics and insights and whizzy plans of action. 

We are going to hit you with three hard stats but also have some fun doing that. 

There were some insights that we kind of predicted and got it validated through the survey, but there were also the ones we had least expected and took us by surprise.

So, here it comes – the good, the bad and the funny.


The biggest headache recruiters face.


A major bummer is, 63% of the recruiters on a daily basis receive irrelevant applications for their job ads.

This is pretty much expected given the times we are in and the simplicity of one click apply on most job boards etc.

Also, predictably at the moment, about 37% of respondents said they received way too many applications and couldn’t get hold of their applicants.

Well, peeps, none of this is really bad if you have the right tool to sort it out.

Read on to know what we mean. 😉

How well do candidates value recruiters?

This one is a complete sucker since 66% of recruiters felt that their candidates were problematic, indifferent and do not value them.

But the good news is about 34% of recruiters believed their candidates love them and respect them.

Maybe, the former, 66% have something to learn from the 34% cohort, or it could be just the fact that they don’t have the proper means to speak to the right candidates.

Be that as it may, this is not an unsolvable mystery and Sherlock can take a break.

This just means recruiters could benefit from creating a better experience for candidates, which brings us to the last insight.

How important is the candidate's experience?

We love working with recruiters because they truly care about creating a great experience to their candidates – just as we do for our clients.

About 80% of them believed that creating a great candidate experience is absolutely vital. 

Our findings also sadly showed some recruiters who couldn’t care less about their candidates and that’s just sad but hey, let’s hope that when they come across right tools to engage candidates they’ll change this crappy mindset…

If they don’t frankly in the fullness of time their business will fall over because of it. 

This brings us to the part where we can kill all these headaches so you can get more jobs filled without the pain.

We've got your back, Jack!

(Jack just rhymes better with back, not that we favour Jack over Jackie)

We also found that about 80% of them use ATS/CRM and never even heard of automation. 

You might be surprised to read this, but automation is the ONLY tool you need most of the time.

70% of the legwork i.e. calling every candidate in your list and receiving responses from the interested ones hours or days later is a productivity killer and a life sucker. 

But don’t worry, we got your back – and we don’t mean just with the tech – after reviewing the challenges of 200+ recruiters, we can confidently say that our uniquely built feature-rich platform lets you cut through the clutter of irrelevant applications, find the best talent for your client and help you make placements faster than ever.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Not really, until you find out how in three simple steps you’ve reached all the candidates you want to contact and connect with in a couple of minutes (even before you finish your morning coffee)

Upload your hotlist, record your message, write a text/web journey and broadcast it to everyone in the list.

The interested candidates connect to at the tap of a key, and you are hiring only the ones available, qualified and ready to start work.…

Let’s make every workday a FRIDAY 😀

The survey made one thing clear.

OCTA automation software

70% of recruiters receive irrelevant applications. So, there must be a better way to reach out to engage just the relevant ones and the good news is, that’s what we do!

As a big THANK YOU to all the participants of this survey, we are giving everyone who took part 100 free credits to try us for themselves just click herecreate your account and then you’ll be up and running.

Anyway, we want to wrap this up with one last note – do not be a bum and ignore the candidates who didn’t get recruited for the job.

Use the credits and send an automated message to the ones who didn’t make it through and let them know.

Afterall, they took the time to apply now you owe them a reply 😉

Engage your candidates better,
give us a go!

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